mjiila, a contemporary furniture company

Table haute rectangulaire sur piétement tréteau pour repas ou réunion.
Grand banc om4.2
Coffee table om6.0
Big table om1.2
Bar table om13
Stool om16.2
Stool om16.1

mjiila, a contemporary premium furniture company, envisions a non-ostentatious luxury lifestyle based on creative and strong aesthetics, on the selection and the combination of fine and/or innovative materials and on an outstanding manufacturing quality entrusted with French and European craftsmen.

The collection consists of a wide variety of dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, benches, stools, desk, sofa, consoles. mjiila also designs unique tailor-made workpieces for specific projects – such as home, hotel, restaurant, retail and office spaces. The materials used are noble, natural and sustainable – solid wood, metal, glass, leather, stones, fabrics – but also technical and innovative - solid surfaces, HPL, compact and ceramics.
mjiila’s creations come with a large choice of finishes and can be tailor-made for professional projects.


Living spaces

  • Hospitality / contract
  • Shop / retail
  • Offices / tertiary
Home / residential
  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
Collective spaces
  • Education
  • Leisure, sports, culture
  • Accommodation


  • Seats
  • Furniture
  • Decoration & accessories


  • Design edition
  • Tailored / bespoke

Export zones

  • Outside European Union / Switzerland
  • European Union / Switzerland